Monday, June 9, 2014


Over this year in Mrs. Kicks' art class I myself have grown and also my art. I learned many different things through many different experiences. Ever since I was little I enjoyed drawing and making art and I am so happy I took this class this year. I started this year excited to draw but I realized this class is much more than that. We painted and sewed and learned different techniques. I am particularly proud of my fortune cookie collage. I love the mixture between my drawings and the magazine papers. When you began to tell us a new project i felt as though I wouldn't be able to create and complete it. I feel able to take on any art task you ask of us, and like the outcome. My role in this class is to simply create art and remember it. Throughout this year not only have I grown and changed but so has my art skill. I am looking forward to taking on art class in 2015.

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