Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Compare and Contrast

This marking period our two tasks were to draw a bicycle and draw a jar full of candy. These drawings were both very different. The bicycle drawing was done on white paper with 3 different kinds of pencils. The jar full of candy was done on colored paper and we used colored pencils. The bicycle drawing was more about shading and using the value scale and bringing out the brighter parts of the bike. We focused more on the brightness of the candy and using the white pencil to make the jar look more like glass in the candy drawing. I enjoyed drawing the bicycle more because the difference between the pencils and the pressure amazed me. The process to finish the bike took more time and effort to me while illustrating the bicycle. I enjoyed both of these projects and I hope you enjoy my art!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Candy Jar

The jar full of candy sitting in front of me! Ah so frightening. To draw glass came off as impossible to me. And on colored paper!!!! I enjoyed my paper but I had a strong feeling I would not be enjoying this project. I've realized I've been beginning these drawings less confident then how I finish them. Using the colored pencils made me feel better about my drawing. The color changed the whole black and white aspect I had from drawing the bicycle. Drawing this jar was more fun knowing I could eat the candy after. The white colored pencil made it look more like glass, which gave me more hope for my outcome. I am happy with the finished product of my jar and hope you are to!

Bicycle Drawing

Seeing the bike sitting in the center of your classroom frightened but excited me. The bike drawing was my first real experience in shading and composition. I learned the use of the value scale and how it can completely change your art. I was so surprised with the differences between the three pencils you presented to us. To be honest in the beginning I was very doubtful about my art and drawing this bike. But as we kept drawing each day I began to surprise myself. I saw the effect of the value scale and began to enjoy what my bike looked like. I am proud of my first real piece of work in art and excited for the outcome of my candy jar!