Monday, January 20, 2014

Fortune cookie

In order to create this book page we each received 6 fortune cookies. Then we had to base our image off of the cookies. I kept avoiding to finish this project and pushed it on to the end. But when I started to get ideas for the picture like the stair case as in going to the future I didn't want to stop working on it. I even took this home! More ideas kept popping up in my head and I didn't stop working on this. My favorite part of this is the tattooed arm. I love the way it looks on the shadowed person. This picture represents the beauty in nature, the future and rebirth. This is one of my favorite pieces of art I have created so far and I can't wait to finish my cat, Lily.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Art x 3

There was a exciting process while making this collage. Everyone had one class to work on a piece of art and had to pass it on to a total stranger in a different period. We then received someone else's work and added more to theirs. Then the process was repeated and we received our final piece that we would finish and make our own. Even though I didn't start with this paper I contributed enough to make it mine. I learned from this experience that you can add yourself into anything and make it yours. Everything can use something new and can always be added!

Pop Print

For Pop print I created Donald Duck. Donald Duck was recently used in our collage inspired by Portia Munson. I chose to reproduce him because he's a fun and creative figure. He looks cool in all different colors. I enjoyed curving out his shape on the stamp and transferring it on all different papers. I made many different copies of Donald and enjoyed printing him in mass-production. Every time he was stamped he looked different. The picture below of Donald is my favorite transfer and I hope you enjoy it!