Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Smile You're In Sea Isle

The hour and a half car ride seemed like a trip across the street. The windows were always rolled down when we crosses the bridge and smelled the bay. I couldn't help but smile to the sound of the seaguls and waves. My family and I were about to spend our week vacation in Sea Isle City. My sisters and I looked forward to this trip all summer. You could see our house a mile away, the deck atop the house made it visible. Every morning we'd wake to the smell of pancakes and bacon. My grandpa would shape them into whatever we wished. Princess's, super heros, turtles and palm trees. We would as quickly as possible spray the sunscreen and grap our toys. We'd always forget our flip flops as our feet burn running across the burning black road. The beach being across the street gave us advantages to bring too many toys and a disadvantage for our parents. We'd set up our chairs and umbrella and begin to play. The ocean was always my favorite part. Boogie boards and tubes would assist me through the monsterous waves. My mother would scream, "not too far!" After splashing around my grandma and I would walk along the beach collecting the prettiest sea shells. This was important to me because the shells contained memories. Memories of the good times and the beach. We'd eat our sandwiches and play some more. It would be 5'oclock when we returned home. After all the showers, us kids would wait for the dinner to be ready. If we were lucky we'd get sea food. Fish and clams were always my favorite. We'd sit around the glass table and discuss how excited we were for the night to come. My brothers were excited for the arcade, my sisters were excited to shop, and I was most excited to golf. Getting a whole in one gave me such a rush. Once we reached the boards we all separated and went to whatever appealed to us. The beach at night is my favorite thing of all. You can't see the waves crash but you know exactly where they are. Our house in Sea Isle is full of happy memories and loving moments. 

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